We manage and implement the  Projects, Products at Rudzambilu Holdings

Communi*Care Visual Impaired Stick

Communi*Care Visual Impaired Stick is a telecommunication system which run the navigation for Visual impaired people.The stick is to help Visual impaired people to be able to identify location, safety and also update them about their surroundings.The app has all South African Languages, for direction you have to select the language that is suitable for you.

Communi*Care Glove Sensor

Communi*Care Glove Sensor is a system which help Deaf community to be able to communicate with hearing people, without any communication barrier. The system translates SA Sign Language to all SA Languages, also give access to phone calls and access to listen Radio’s.

Communi*Care Sign Language Marketing Bill Board

 Communi*Care Sign Language Marketing Bill Board is a marketing platform which we do sign language advertisement through SA Sign Language Animations.

Communi*Care fast food delivery is a Mobile Application which empower and support townships tuckshops and urban restaurants which sells Food.

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